From design to certification and everything in between, Ferro Anchor’s skilled team of professionals will work with you to evaluate your facility and design a system that meets your needs, satisfies compliance issues, and protects your investment from liability.

Design & Engineering

Ferro Anchors has a wide range of custom designed roof anchor products which allows us to provide optimal engineering solutions to meet your specific project requirements.

Fabrication & Supply

As a full service fabrication shop specializing in roof anchor products and specialty items, and with great facilities, Ferro Anchors is more easily able to meet your project timelines. 

We fabricate for construction efficiencies and deliver for just-in-time installation.


Ferro Anchors pays careful attention to safety on every installation project. Our team is well trained with more than 20 years of experience dealing with fall protection systems.


Ferro Anchors performs a load test on all anchors prior to first use. Every five (5) years a physical pull-out test is performed on all adhesive anchors. 

The objective of the load test is to investigate the strength and serviceability condition of the adhesive anchors. If approved, the system is certified for usage.

Field Testing

Laboratory Testing

Inspection & Certification

We prepare extensive Annual Inspection Reports which fully detail the nature of fall protection deficiencies and repair alternatives available to the client. 

The objective of the visual inspection is to investigate the strength and serviceability condition of the roof level safety tie-back anchor system, if approved the system is certified for usage.

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